Project Description

Pikolinos is a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world. It is the search for happiness that always begins with the comfort of our creations. Make yourself comfortable and let happiness begin at your feet.  Since 1984 Pikolinos has worked to make every one of their shoes unique. Each new season presents a challenge which they tackle with all of their experience and know-how.  They take the greatest care over every artisan process that is the hallmark of their products and has turned them into an internationally-renowned company with a strong commitment to leading the comfort fashion segment.

Pikolinos works with passion and combines all of their knowledge to develop unique products that provide the greatest comfort and hence the greatest happiness. They are very much aware of the value of their raw materials; and they treat the leather with the utmost respect for the environment, not only in terms of the mechanisms used in the tanning and manufacturing process, but also with regard to the dyes and other products used in the treatments. Only in this way can they guarantee the quality of their leather and their commitment to the environment on equal terms.

Project Details